How do you get the rest of the lotion bottle out


Inverted bottle: Turn the lotion bottle upside down so that the remaining lotion collects at the mouth of the bottle, which makes it easier to squeeze out.

Use a squeeze bottle: If you have a squeeze bottle on hand, you can push the tube into the lotion bottle and squeeze the lotion out into another container. 

Cotton swab or cotton pad: Use a cotton swab or cotton pad, wrap it around a skewer or similar tool, and dip it into a bottle to soak the lotion. 

Shake and shake: Tighten the cap and shake or shake the bottle vigorously after inverting the bottle to help the emulsion move to the mouth of the bottle. 

Dilution method: Add a small amount of water to the bottle, shaking the emulsion will become easy to squeeze out. 

Cut the bottle: For plastic hose packaging, the top half of the bottle can be cut off to make the opening larger and easier to scrape out the remaining emulsion with a small spoon or board. 236

Use plastic wrap: Wrap plastic wrap around a spoon, then reach into the bottle and scrape the lotion along the wall of the bottle. 

These methods can be used depending on the type of bottle and personal preference.

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